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About Puffin Innovations Technolo­gists on a mission to level up digital access

Puffin Innovations team - Adriana Mallozzi, Elijah Tucker and their Service Dog smiling together for National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day

Puffin Innovations is dedicated to helping people with disabilities lead more productive and independent lives with smart and adaptable assistive technology.


At Puffin Innovations, we’re focused on Smart Assistive Technology that allows people with disabilities to lead more productive and independent lives. Our products adapt and conform to the person instead of the other way around.

The entire team at Puffin Innovations is dedicated to leveling the playing field for people with disabilities, enabling them to have the same level of access and usability of computers and mobile devices in their personal life as well as in the workplace.

By tailoring everything we do, from user interfaces to our portable, durable, and affordable products, Puffin Innovations will use its Smart Assistive Technology to provide much needed solutions the disabled community has been longing for.

Our team

Our close-knit team combines business strategy with engineering expertise, as well as both lived and professional experience in the disability space.

Adriana Mallozzi

CEO & Founder

“It was only about ten years ago that I was able to turn on my lights, operate my TV, and open my door— silly little things like that— by myself, and that was a big deal for me. When you have to rely on others for every aspect of your life, which basically I have to, the small things really matter. Any type of control that you can have over your life is a big deal, for instance having full control of my mobile phone and access to apps such as Lyft and Uber. People with disabilities who rely on others for their daily living activities have very scheduled lives and it’s little things like that, that make a difference.”

It was this experience that inspired entrepreneur, innovator, disability advocate, and our fearless leader to create the Puffin. Born with cerebral palsy (CP), she is a quadriplegic wheelchair user. Assistive technology has been transformational in her life. With her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for technology, she aims to make this a reality for more people with disabilities to lead more inclusive, independent lives.

Elijah Tucker

Software Engineer

Elijah has a passion for the transformative impact incorporating artificial intelligence in assistive technology (AT) can have on people with disabilities. Elijah’s studies at Fitchburg State University focused specifically on developing data analytic skills necessary for AI to be used with assistive technologies. This was important to Elijah, as much like Adriana, Elijah was born with CP and has had challenges with education and employment. Elijah’s passion for AT and AI has been a valuable contribution.

Service Dog Quinn

Director of Mobility and Stability Operations

Our newest team member, Quinn, is our Director of Mobility and Stability Operations. Quinn comes to us from an intensive program of study from Service Dog Project, where he received a capstone degree in Mobility Management in August 2021.

Our advisors

  • Noelle Silver

    Red Hat Managed OpenShift Specialist in AI/ML

  • Lauren Smith

    Head of Federal Regulatory Engagement at Cruise

  • Peter Mahoney

    CEO/Founder of Plannuh

  • Eric Oddleifson

    Vice President and Director of AT & Employment Services at Easterseals MA

  • Remon Jourdan

    Poet, Author, Peer Health Coach

  • Colleen Flanagan

    Executive Director of Disability Action for America

  • Donald Fredette

    Adaptive Equipment Specialist at Boston Home

Our history


First prototype of Puffin input device connected to flexible arms and clamp

First prototype of Puffin

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Assistive Technology Hackathon Winner

Adriana Mallozzi with Edward Burnell, Esther Jang and Kate Tatar at the 2015 Abilities Expo holding cards promoting the first prototype of Puffin

Hackathon team at the Abilities Expo

Funders & supporters

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Interested in learning more?

Are you part of an independent living, vocational rehabilitation, or educational organization? Are you interested in using Puffin yourself? We’d love to chat!