The Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD)’s Conference on Accessibility

The Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD)’s Conference on Accessibility

On September 27, I attended the Massachusetts Office on Disability (MOD)’s 2019 Disability Summit which focused on accessibility. One of the most interesting presentations of the day was “Data on

Abilities Expo Boston 2019

On September 13-15, the Puffin team went to the Abilities Expo Boston to be part of this family-friendly event geared towards individuals of all abilities. Puffin Innovations had its own

Startup Boston Week ’19

On September 17, Adriana Mallozzi, CEO of Puffin Innovations and cofounder of QuirkLAABS participated in a panel entitled How to Determine if Startup Life is Right for You for Startup

Introducing Cristina Cortez – PuffinInno’s Blogger

Hello! My name is Cristina Cortez, the new blogger and content creator intern here at Puffin Innovations. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I have quadriplegic cerebral palsy

Innovating Assistive Technology

Last spring, I was sitting on a subway in Beijing watching the advert TV display a ten-minute video describing how to improve accessibility for those with disabilities. It became clear

A Renewed Fight for Disability Rights

A Call to Action for the Disability Community. Picture of: Elizabeth Warren, Robyn Powell, Colleen Flanagan participating in the Women's March 2017 In 1964 the United States passed the Civil