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Use Cases Who Puffin is perfect for

Puffin was and continues to be centered around helping people with disabilities. But with its practical and flexible design, it can help anyone.

Transformational by design

“Initially developed for people with significant physical disabilities, our team quickly recognized a broader application of this technology to include military, public safety, and medical professionals. As a team, we hope not only to change people’s lives by using technology but also hope to change people’s mindsets. In this day and age, the modern workforce is the first real workforce where anyone can participate, whether you have a disability or not.”

Adriana Mallozzi

CEO & Founder

Puffin solutions

  1. Young man with cerebral palsy smiling using a laptop and smartphone at home in the kitchen

    Independent living

    Puffin makes everyday activities like texting, emailing, and shopping (really any activity you can use a smart device with) more accessible to people who would otherwise need assistance to accomplish these activities. This is an important step forward in empowering people with disabilities to live and thrive independently.

  2. Young woman with spinal cord injury smiling and talking with their doctor in hospital hallway


    Our sensors track meaningful data points useful for creating and assessing treatment plans. We track pressure, range of motion, and even environmental temperature. All these metrics can inform physical and occupational therapists on progress patients with spinal cord injuries are making, for instance.

  3. Young boy with disability in wheelchair smiling next to their teacher in a classroom


    Create more inclusive school environments for students with disabilities to develop and expand their possibilities. One way is to support their need for autonomy. Puffin empowers students with disabilities to independently use smart technology in the classroom and have more control over their own learning as a result.

  4. Young man with cerebral palsy using laptop in office meeting with colleagues


    In the modern workplace, digital access and skills are more important than ever. Whether it’s communicating by email or video, managing online documents, or learning and using specific software, with Puffin you can do it all. Puffin can help many people with disabilities acquire the access and skills needed to join the modern workforce.

  5. Firefighter wearing oxygen mask in front of burning warehouse

    Public safety

    Puffin’s applicability extends to public safety as well. Professionals in emergency and security services are sometimes in difficult environments where hands-free ways to communicate and carry out precise tasks is vital. Puffin is well equipped to serve this need.

  6. Two engineers using virtual reality glasses to control a robotic welding arm in a production line

    Smart manufacturing

    Industrial connectivity is a key element in the smart manufacturing movement. Puffin fits neatly into this shift as a tool for empowering machine operators with smarter, more precise controls as well as collecting and transmitting digital and analog data.

  7. Doctor performing surgery using magnifier and two metal tools.

    Medical procedures

    Puffin can also be useful in medical settings. Data gathered from our sensors during procedures can create insights to help improve future procedures. Puffin can also enhance surgical performance by providing greater control and accuracy in movement.

Interested in learning more?

Are you part of an independent living, vocational rehabilitation, or educational organization? Are you interested in using Puffin yourself? We’d love to chat!